The Story.

It is a story of wanderlust; a fusion of creativity that whispers of the whimsical.


The Clare Bernadette Stationery Collection is a hand-crafted and heart-infused collection designed in the hinterland of Byron Bay. Each design has been inspired by Clare’s whimsical wanderings, with the intent to evoke connection and adventure.

The stationery is then created in a small letterpress artisan studio in the hills of Northern NSW, beneath the backdrop of the breathtaking Mount Wollumbin. It is printing, the old-fashioned way.


A craftsmanship that fuses beauty, patience and a lot of love.


Clare’s vision is to combine the timeless art of letterpress printing with luxurious cotton paper and whimsical words, to really leave an impression and make that special someone’s day.  To bring a little more beauty and warmth into the world.

Clare believes in treading lightly upon the earth, in respecting others and our planet.  She consciously seeks to create products that inspire connection and make a difference, whilst still keeping it local and cherishing artisan traditions.


From a young age, Clare’s travels have fostered a passion for a life rich in exploration.  From the medina’s of Morocco and the mountains of Switzerland, to the islands of the Pacific and the Serengeti, she has been raised to live a life built on the foundations of passion and creativity. And so more than just stationery, Clare Bernadette is a lifestyle that embodies this. It is for the whimsical and wild-hearted, and it honours the wanderer in each of us. It is for the women who believe in living a heart-centred life, dripping with sweetness and soul-stirring wonder.



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